Lending has never been easier

Enjoy convenient and trustworthy lending with LoanPair.

  • Flexible Terms
  • Negotiate your interest rates
  • Automated Payback Process

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Interest ( 10 %)

Tenure ( 3 Mths)

Peer To Peer Lending

We want to help everyone do better with funds so we built LoanPair

Our platform provides an integrated service for the entire lending process, online real-time, with automated direct debit repayments from the borrower's to the lender's accounts.

We offer everything within the sphere of lending
  • A Loan Request and Repayment System
  • Card and Recurring Payments
  • Direct Debit Processing
  • Loan Disputes and Recovery Services

Our Philosophy

Build a trustworthy platform that borrowers can rely on and lenders are confident in.

Trust is key in lending. Qualify for more loans by using LoanPair to borrow from your friends, family and colleagues, payback and build a credit-worthy profile.
  • Your Reliable platform provides you with the ability to identify people who lend and borrow
  • The loan process is arranged to your convenience
  • Easy individual profiling and messaging

Our Assurance

Borrow, Lend, Payback. No Hassle

We insure our loans against
  • Death
  • Critical Illness
  • Permanent Disability
  • Job loss for up to 12 months
Risk Management
  • Minimize your risks by ensuring your borrower gets your requested documents uploaded/downloaded
  • Take advantage of the credit report requests and check previous loan history
  • Grow and manage your loan portfolio, you have unlimited space to save your transaction history

What we check when you join

With security and proper documentation, feel safe to lend out your money

  • We check identity by validating your BVN (Bank Validation Number)
  • We validate the account number
  • We validate your phone number
We advise our borrowers and lenders to download and save their credit information by taking advantage of our secure connection to the credit bureau. Your credit report is considered valid for 3 months.

Not your average lending platform.

Automatic Payback

No cheques required, no manual processes involved. We take care of your payback process while you focus on other pressing needs.

Build Trust

Through our user validation process, we confirm who you are and provide a level of comfort to our borrowers and lenders.

Negotiate In Real-time

With LoanPair, borrowers and lenders can negotiate with loan rates, repayment time and the length of the payback period.

We keep Your Friends Closer

Peer lending has no boundaries, invite your friends, send borrow requests and payback hitch free. Build your credit profile and qualify for more loans.

Real-time Activity Analytics

We understand how vital it is to keep our users informed. LoanPair helps you monitor your lending and borrowing activities.

Instant Information

Your friends wouldn’t even need to call you to follow up on requests, we ensure that you get notified on all happenings, no delays.

Just a few steps away from a loan...

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Validate Identity

Request Loan

Automated Payback

How Do I Get Started?

Using the LoanPair platform is secure. It only takes about two minutes to register, and you'll not be asked for details that are not a requirement for a loan.

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